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Dear Members of the Class of 2022:


As we head into the warmer months, I am sure you have many questions about your upcoming year at Bridgton Academy: about academics, college counseling, athletics, and dorm life. This webpage will be updated as we move closer to the start of school to provide information and resources that will help make your year at Bridgton a successful one.


This past year has been different, challenging, and full of charting the unknown. Likely, you have spent much of this time alternating between in-person and online classes, social distancing, masking, and hoping that your athletic and extracurricular activities will be allowed to take place. The COVID-19 crisis has been a challenge, and I tip my hat to all of our current and future students, who have persevered through these difficult times.


As I write this letter, though, there is optimism in the air. The number of vaccinated individuals continues to rise each day, the State of Maine is beginning to reduce the restrictions it placed on schools and public gatherings, and most importantly, across the country, the number of infected and hospitalized people is going lower and lower. We’re optimistic that we will open in August with many fewer restrictions than we did this year, but with our optimism comes caution as well. Should things change, and should the pandemic take a turn that we are not expecting, we will be prepared for it. Owing to our protocols, our cohort system, as well as our attention to masking, social distancing, and testing, we have not had any outbreaks of the virus on campus this year, and we have not had any interruptions to in-person classes. We will be ready for whatever the new school year brings to us.


As you spend this summer readying yourself for your Bridgton journey, we will be preparing for you here on campus. At the Academy you will find a warm and welcoming community of teachers, coaches, dorm parents, faculty, and staff who are singularly dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. You will also find the camaraderie of a group of young men who, like yourself, are motivated to work hard and seek new challenges that will open doors to opportunity.


We are looking forward to opening our 214th year, and I congratulate you on your decision to attend Bridgton Academy, where you will be both inspired and challenged, and where your success will walk hand in hand with the effort you make to achieve it.


I look forward to meeting you soon.




Martin Mooney
Head of School

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