Bridgton Academy is Hitting the Capital District

November 7, 2016

Albany Area Students!

Bridgton Academy will have admissions representatives in the Capital District on November 16-17, and would love to answer any questions about Bridgton Academy and how it can be The Year That Makes The Difference for the Class of 2018. Three Albany area natives are in currently enrolled in the Class of 2017: Tim Gersac from High Falls, Jake Griffin from Kingston, and Thomas Kelly from Niskayuna. This group of Wolverines features students from 13 countries and over 20 states. Every student at Bridgton comes in with a list of unique goals they wish to achieve in their time here and all of them have the chance to make those dreams come true.

These three young men have high hopes of competing not only athletically at the next level, but also academically. Gersac and Kelly have hopes to play college basketball and are here “to take advantage of the opportunity to fine tune grades and improve on basketball recruitment,” while offensive lineman Jake Griffin hopes to earn a Division I scholarship and play at the highest level he can achieve.

Every student at Bridgton has goals for themselves and these three young men are no exception. When asked what sets Bridgton Academy apart Jake Griffin quickly answered “everybody is here for you. They’re not here because they have to be, they legitimately want to help us and see us succeed as young men.” Each of these three have excelled in the classroom and on their respective playing fields so far, and we are extremely excited to see what their futures hold.

Two Albany area basketball players look to take to the court this winter and compete in the competitive NEPSAC Class AAA division. Forward Tim Gersac is already enjoying his time and is doing what it takes to be successful. He was quoted saying: “Bridgton Academy is supplying me with the necessary tools and setting to excel at the next level. With the season just around the corner the whole team couldn’t be more excited to get to work. I am very happy with my decision to better myself academically and athletically here at BA!” Gersac’s fellow teammate Thomas Kelly is already an outstanding citizen on our campus and continues to strive to be ‘the champion of his own future.’ The year here at Bridgton Academy is not only for sports or grades, it’s also to better oneself on a personal level. “I feel like BA has already made me a better person and will continue to make me better as the year goes on” said Kelly.

If you have any questions or would like more information please call 207-647-3322 ext. 1 or Schedule a Visit.